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We are Dubai based company and offer cheap and intelligent PABX solutions with installation services to small, medium & large-scale businesses. Our flexible PABX solutions fits perfectly to your company requirements. Our PABX systems offer all features and services including CDR (Call Detailed Record), Call Monitoring, DISA (Direct Inward System Access), Voice Mail, IVR (Interactive Voice Responses), Caller ID, Call forwarding, Call Waiting, Music On Hold, promotional recorded voice message and many more.

PABX Phone System

When anybody starts a new business or wants to make one step ahead in business in that case first of all major point is indoor and outdoor in time conversation at one link otherwise businesses face a lot of problems. VoIP Solution of in-time conversation is possible with PBX PABX and IP phone. If your department is fully equipped then you easily achieve the market task. A Panasonic PABX system 824, GrandStream, cisco, NEC, and Avaya PBX system might be a valuable asset to help boost your company’s credibility to both customers and partners. we are offering VoIP services and EPaBX cost-effective solutions for all types of businesses like PBX phone solutions for small businesses in Dubai and all over UAE with the best offers.

From small businesses to big corporations, 4-line PBX system PABX IP phone systems have become one of the most widely used telephone systems by businesses nowadays. These PABX telephone systems and VoIP systems popularity is due to the low cost of acquiring one, the flexibility of their usage, and the significant benefits and boost business in corporate communications.

In case you do have not sufficient detail of that particular business phone feature, then we can assist you and give you an idea of PBX solutions and PBX IP phone model for your business or company needs. We also give you complete installation services, just fill out the form or send us a message on Whatsapp. Our experts will assist you with up to multi quotes specially tailored to your preferences.

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  • Panasonic PABX Digital & IP
  • NEC PABX Digital & IP
  • Avaya VOIP Solutions
  • Grandstream IP PBX
  • Yeastar MY PBX
  • ZYCOO VOIP PBX Systems
  • CISCO Unified Communication System
  • Digium Asterisk Solutions
  • Sangoma FreePBX

Products and Solutions offered

  • IP PBX Systems
  • Virtualization
  • Billing Solutions for Hospitality
  • Property Management Solutions
  • Video Conferencing
  • Contact Center systems
  • Paging Systems
  • Safety Intercom Systems
  • CCTV Solutions
  • IP Netspeakers/Ringers
  • Wifi/Dect Solutions
  • Multiple VPN Solutions

Services offered

  • PABX installation
  • Product & Project Consultation
  • Custom Design
  • System Design
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Training